Why You Should Buy the AllNew Subaru Crosstrek Outside Magazine

“The new styling is iterative. Lines are a little cleaner, the LED ru
ing lights look a little fancier, and the interior is a lot nicer, but it’s still definitely a Subaru Crosstrek. You don’t buy this car for its looks. Photo: Subaru
Do you like camping, skiing, biking, and [fill in any other outdoor activity here]? Do you want a car thatu2019s affordable and economical, but still has room for all your stuff and your dogs? Do you need a car that can handle a rough dirt road and winter weather? Do you need a car thatu2019s as good squeezing into a tight parking spot as it is on the open road? You need Subaruu2019s newly updated, already-excellent Crosstrek.
Based on the new Impreza, the Crosstrek benefits from that modelu2019s increased torsional rigidity: that stiffer body delivers an improved ride, better handling, and even reduces noise, vibration, and harshness.
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The outgoing Crosstrek was already one of the safest cars on the road, but the new platform is even safer. Subaru claims the caru2019s ability to absorb energy in a crash is up 40 percent over its predecessoru2014and thatu2019s if you actually run into something. Helping you avoid doing that is a center of gravity thatu2019s dropped 0.2 inches (a low center of gravity is a Subaru hallmark, courtesy of its unique opposed-cylinder engines), which should provide a small handling advantage. Subaruu2019s EyeSight driver aid technology will also be optional: it brings automated pre-collision braking to the car.
The Crosstrek debuted Wednesday at the Geneva Auto Show, in Switzerland. Photo: Subaru”

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