A resumption in GPT’s core business of manufacturing and selling automated currency acceptance and validation systems used in a variety of payment applications worldwide, complimented by new products and addressing new markets has put GPT back in the Black, and showing strong growth.


Hauppauge, New York, July 12, 2001 – Global Payment Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ Symbol: GPTX) (“GPT”), a leading manufacturer and innovator of currency acceptance systems used in the worldwide gaming, beverage, and vending industries today announced that it has signed a new two-year Supply Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. (“Aristocrat”), through its affiliate Global Payment Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. (“GPT-Australia”). Aristocrat, a Sydney, Australia based company, is the second largest manufacturer of gaming machines in the world, and the leader in the substantial Australian gaming market. The Agreement calls for GPT to be the “Most Favored Supplier” for the Australian, New Zealand and South African gaming markets and, as such, GPT will be the currency validating equipment used as the standard by Aristocrat in its gaming machines for these markets. As in prior Agreements, this does not preclude Aristocrat from using alternative currency validating equipment.


Stephen Katz, GPT’s Chairman and CEO, said, “Since 1995, Aristocrat and GPT have forged a close working relationship that began with the development of GPT’s Generation II product. Since that time, our sales, marketing and engineering departments have continued to work closely to create a mutually beneficial partnership, which includes local sales, Ligaz888 service and support provided by our affiliate, Global Payment Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. The new Agreement is a natural progression of our long-standing business relationship that spans more than six years and marks a strong beginning for the next phase of our growing partnership. We are pleased to continue to supply Aristocrat, one of the leading gaming companies in the world and the premier gaming company in Australia, what GPT believes to be, the best note validation equipment available today. We look forward to supporting Aristocrat as they continue their unprecedented growth and global expansion.”


Global Payment Technologies, Inc. is a United States-based designer, manufacturer, and marketer of automated currency acceptance and validation systems used to receive and authenticate currencies in a variety of payment applications worldwide. GPT’s proprietary and patented technologies are among the most advanced in the industry. Please visit the GPT web site for more information at


Aristocrat Leisure Limited (Aristocrat) – (ASX: AU:ALL) is the leading supplier of gaming machines in Australia and the largest gaming systems Company in the world. Founded in 1953, the Company has 1700 employees and holds more than 100 licenses and/or regulatory approvals throughout the world (including the US), serving customers in 20 countries. Aristocrat has applied for more than 1400 patents, trademarks and designs and has been named “Innovator of the Year” by Business Review Weekly magazine. The Company pioneered the industry move to video technology and supplies its customers with multiple platforms through multiple delivery systems. Please visit the Aristocrat …


Those Sensational ligaz888 Slots

It’s man against machine, but does man really have a chance?

Many years ago casino executives were surprised to discover that the money they were making at the table games was beginning to decline, and the profits generated by the slot machines was growing. After all, slot machines were really just a few toys they kept around to entertain the wives of the high rollers while their husbands were busy at the tables. It didn’t make any sense that slot machines should be supplanting table game revenue.

But the casino executives just weren’t paying attention. With computers becoming a vital part of every day life, young people developing an attraction to video games, and instant gratification turning the modern world upside down, it was only natural that slot machines would begin to become the casinos main profit center.

By the mid-1980s, slot machines had matched table games in popularity, and by the time the decade turned, the so-called “one-armed bandits” had clearly become the casino’s favorite game. Today, more than two-thirds of casino revenue in the United States is derived from the slot machine.

Those same casino executives didn’t try to change the trend, however. They were delighted that slot machines were exhibiting such popularity. After all, the money derived from slot machines is guaranteed, while table game revenues are subject to the ebb and flow of Lady Luck. Sure, casinos have the advantage at the table games, but because the games themselves are volatile, the money won or lost on a monthly basis can vary widely. So slot machines became their cushion, with table games making up the difference between a great month or simply a good month.

The casinos can count on slot machine revenues because the machines are simply computers. The profit can be programmed into the machines by the use of a random number generator that determines just how much of the money played in that particular ligaz888 machine will be returned as winnings.

So why should casino customers play the slot machines, since the casino is guaranteed to win? The same random number generator that provides the casino with its guaranteed profit, also gives the player the opportunity to win.

Why the casino’s most exciting game just looks complicated

Blackjack players approach their game with the studiousness of a professor. Roulette players are like cartologists, mapping their way around the multi-numbered layout. Baccarat players are serious gamblers, with their emotions riding the game’s twists and turns. And slot players stare at their machines with a mind-numbing expression, only breaking their motion to quickly celebrate a win.

But over in the corner, you hear some yelling and rooting. You see a crowd of people gathered around what appears to be a pit, but is actually a craps game. Craps, or dice, is easily the casino’s most exciting game. When the dice are falling the right way, there are few other experiences that rival the camaraderie that the players feel at that table. As the shooter rolls …