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The Nest Cam Outdoor is the first outdoor product from Nest (famous for its smart thermostats ), and follows on from its highly successful indoor security camera .
First impressions of the product are good – the packaging has a very similar style to Apple products.
When you open the box, the camera is right there staring back at you. Pull it out and there’s a long, tightly packed mains cord and various carefully sealed small bits. Attention to detail is such that even the screws get their own stylish cardboard casing.
(Photo: Nest Cam)
(Photo: Nest Cam)
Once out of the box, one thing strikes you – magnets. Literally. There are some very strong magnets in there, and they will cling like crazy to anything even vaguely metallic.
Another slightly odd thing is the USB co
ection between the camera cord and the mains cord. After a couple of weeks of using the camera Iu2019m still not sure why this is a USB co
ection, since everything digital is managed via WiFi.
Software setup
In order to set up the camera, you need WiFi and the Nest app – available on both iOS and Android. When you’ve downloaded the app, if itu2019s your first Nest device, thereu2019s an on-boarding procedure that requests various details about your home before you add the device.
(Photo: Nest Cam)
From there itu2019s relatively easy to add the device – you scan a QR code located at the bottom of the camera, then plug it in and set up the WiFi network. The WiFi setup seemed a little slow on iOS – especially in comparison to other products such as the Apple TV, where these settings get transmitted instantly over Bluetooth.
Once the WiFi is set up, thatu2019s it on the software side – it syncs with the app and you see live video from the camera instantly.
(Photo: Nest Cam)”

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