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“When we get closer to nature, it doesn’t matter if it is untouched wilderness or even a backyard tree, we do our overstressed brains a big favor!
Recently, I started thinking of some of the beautiful outdoor photos from the new Oklahoma State Parks & Outdoor Recreation Guide u2014 photos that reflect not only beauty, but peaceful surroundings, of serenity. As I began to relax looking at those outdoor photos, it hit me: This is your brain on nature.
When you order the brand-new, free Oklahoma State Parks & Outdoor Recreation Guide, you will find a fantastic 216-page guide filled with not only stu
ing photography of the Oklahoma state parks and other outdoor activities across the state, but you’ll find a lot of information. And with that information, we hope you will be quickly inspired to plan a weekend trip, a day trip, a vacation, and spend it in the great Oklahoma outdoors and relax and have fun!
It’s easy to get a free copy of the new guide. The first way is to visit a Tourism Information Center across the state. For a full list of the centers, go to
The second way is to go to the state’s official travel and tourism website, The address for the brochures page is Put in your information, and they will be mailed to you, free of charge.
Thirdly, you can call the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department’s toll-free line, (800) 652-6552.”

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