Master Advice on Designing an Outdoor Kitchen BestofNJcom blog

“With temperatures reaching the upper 60s in February, itu2019s hard not to start thinking about long days and nights spent in the backyard with family and friends. And nothing says hospitality quite like some delicious food, which is why the thought of being stuck inside cooking while your guests are enjoying themselves outside can be a major bummer.
As more people delve deeper into the art of cooking, entertaining at home has become a chance to show off your skills. Itu2019s a much more interesting setting than your average restaurant, which is why outdoor kitchens have become so popular.
u201cOutdoor kitchens create additional usable living and entertaining space,u201d says Kris Holland, founder of Black River Landscape Management, an elite outdoor living service that designs and builds outdoor kitchens. u201cAn outdoor kitchen adds a fun element by allowing homeowners to take their party outside instead of having an indoor party which may put more pressure on the host and the guests.u201d
For those of us who hope to spend as many minutes outdoors as we can during the warmer months, an outdoor kitchen is the answer. It not only adds value to your home, but it also gives you the opportunity to play, host and cook outside. However, if the thought of creating your very own outdoor kitchen seems extravagant, think again.”

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