Foscam FIEP survey TechRadar

“This is a conventional form factor for outdoor security cameras, built by Foscam, an established brand, but it comes with an improved iOS/Android app and support for all of the main browsers. You wonu2019t find features like motion zone attenuation or object recognition on this budget camera, but you will be reassured by its near bomb-proof construction.
Design and build
The dome design is a practical one because it presents the lowest profile and strongest shape when it bulges from an exterior wall or high ceiling. This device weighs over half a kilo because the housing and bracket are made of metal and the dome is quite large. Priced at u00a375 (around $90, AU$120), it feels like youu2019re getting a lot of camera for your money when you compare it with the flimsy D-Link DSC-2530L that costs around u00a3100 (about $125, AU$160) more.
Spec Sheet Here are the full specs of the Foscam FI9853EP: Type: IP dome camera Location: Indoor/outdoor Mounting: Wall/ceiling bracket included Co
ectivity: Wi-Fi/Ethernet Resolution: 720p Night Vision: IR LED (20m) Motion sensor: Yes Audio: No Battery: No Local video storage: Yes (microSD) App support: Android/iOS Subscription: From u00a34.99/month Size/Weight: 135 x 98 x 135mm (W x H x D); 560g

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