toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-29-Results

The World Championship of Online Poker’s Event 29 proved to be a huge success this past Friday. The 6-max, No-Limit Texas Hold’em rebuy event pulled 852 players for a total of 1,011 rebuys and 658 add-ons. With the buy-in at $530, the prize pool far exceeded the $400,000 guarantee. It hit a whopping $1,260,500. The top 132 players landed in the money, but only one was lucky enough to walk away with the bracelet. toto hk , of the United States, claimed the victory and took $211,133.76 in winnings.
Many Team PokerStars Pros showed up for this event. Andre Akkari, Noah Boeken, Humberto Brenes, Chad Brown, Bill Chen, Vicky Coren, Alexandre Gomes, Gavin Griffin, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Joe Hachem, Hevad Khan, Alex Kravchenko, Tom McEvoy, Dario Minieri, Chris Moneymaker, Lee Nelson, Luca Pagano, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Raymond Rahme, Victor Ramdin, Greg Raymer, Vanessa Rousso, and Katja Thater all wanted a slice of the action. Only Boeken and ElkY made it to the money.
Here’s the starting line-up for the final table:
Seat 1: grunter321 1,247,525
Seat 2: AceOfSpade11 3,212,254
Seat 3: DuckU 3,000,127
Seat 4: PiKappRaider 2,442,144
Seat 5: isuckoutonu 1,305,742
Seat 6: Roothlus 1,508,208
The first one to hit the rail was Roothlus. PiKappRaider called Roothlus’s all-in move and it was pocket queens versus pocket jacks, respectively. With 7d-As-3d-4c-Ks on the board, Roothlus was out of luck and settled for sixth place. A half hour later, grunter321 was next. Again, pocket jacks couldn’t do the trick. AceOfSpade11 held pocket kings, and the board cards Tc-3d-2h-8d-Qh couldn’t save grunter321. He left Event 29 holding fifth place. The next battle was between isuckoutonu and short stack DuckU. Both players hit a pair of aces when the flop fell 3h-7c-2d-6c-Ac, but DuckU’s king was just a notch higher than isuckoutonu’s kicker. Isuckoutonu got fourth place and DuckU, the Event 5 second place finisher, moved on to the final three.
At this point, the clock was stopped to discuss a potential deal. DuckU, though still the short stack, kept insisting on receiving second place prize money or else he wouldn’t agree to a deal. Ultimately, no deal was made and the three continued.
PiKappRaider charged to the chip lead and made it clear that he was taking this tournament down. DuckU remained the weaker stack and when he landed pocket fives, he made his move and shoved all-in. He was up against chip leader PiKappRaider who had pocket eights. DuckU must have been praying for another five, but it didn’t show up. Instead the board showed Ad-6s-3c-Ks-Ts. DuckU finished in third place.
PiKappRaider and AceOfSpade11 entered heads-up play. PiKappRaider had 8,456,478 chips, nearly double of AceOfSpade11′s 4,259,522. AceOfSpade11 had to endure fifteen minutes of rough play before he was able to make a move. With Jh-Th in hand, AceOfSpade11 raised to 120,000 pre-flop and PiKappRaider called. The flop rolled out Jd-7c-9s. AceOfSpade11 then raised to 180,000, which PiKappRaider quickly check raised to 480,000. AceOfSpade11 then pushed all-in. PiKappRaider called and the cards were shown …


Nevada Hosts Public Regulatory Workshop for Online Gambling

Nevada has laid out a framework for online gambling, and this past Monday (September 26th), they allowed it to be questioned by the public in a regulatory workshop. The workshop, which lasted an hour and fifteen minutes, hosted former regulators, officials from gaming companies, and attorneys.
Regulation 5A includes the following guidelines for legal online gambling:
A) The legal age for online gambling is 21 years old.
B) Licensees are required to set aside $20,000 at all times to pay for any necessary compliance investigations.
C) Players are permitted only one gambling account and it must use their full real name.
D) Players can deposit funds using credit cards.
E) No transfers of money are permitted between players.
F) Hand histories must be stored by the gambling site for five years minimum.
G) Operators must be proactive when it comes to preventing bots.
Nevada has created these regulations so that they will be ready to issue licenses if one of two scenarios should occur. One scenario is the federal government formally legalizing online poker. The second scenario is if the U.S. Department of Justice informing the Nevada crypto gambling that interactive gaming is permitted by federal law.
Online Poker Stalled in Washington D.C.
Nothing has oved forward regarding legal online poker since the cancellation of the online trial in Washington D.C. at the start of this month. In fact, it appears that things have moved in the opposite direction.
Right now the project is in a consultative phase. D.C. Lottery is planning on holding public forums to help explain the idea of online gambling. It looks like most people don’t need much convincing, however. The Washington Times newspaper held a poll and showed that 85% of those polled were in favor of the online poker legalization.
Despite the public support for legal online poker, several council members are repealing part of a bill that authorizes online gambling.
California Also Supports Online Poker
A poll was conducted in California asking voters whether or not they would support legal online poker if it meant more revenue for the state. Here is how the results ended up:
Voters aged 18-39: 73% interested.
Voters aged 40-64: 48% interested.
Voters 65 or older: 35% interested.
Democrats were 56% for it, while Republicans were 43% for it.

In total 53% of those polled were in favor of online poker in California. As of now, however, there are no immediate plans on board for legalization.…


Three Roads to the keluar sgp from Bodog

It’s almost time for the 2010 running of the keluar sgp and we at FlopTurnRiver are absolutely stoked!

So too, apparently, are the people at Bodog, who are now offering players three different ways to join them at the 2010 Main Event in Vegas. If you dream of seeing yourself on an episode of ESPN’s coverage, then this may be one of your best available avenues. Check out our breakdown of each of Bodog’s three routes.

Cheap: “It’s been done before…”

See Bodog’s tagline? Well, it’s certainly true, but you’ll have a long, uphill climb to reach the big dance. It all starts with a $1+$0 buy-in at one of their Cheap Seat tournaments. Seven of these events will be held each day, though only two of them will be of the $1 variety. There will also be a pair each of $5+$0.50 and $15+$1.50 tourneys, plus a $2+$0.20 match. Each of these boast a slightly different payout structure though. No matter how you slice it, you’ll still need to get through a Main Event Quarter and Semi Final before making it into the Main Event Satellite. Impossible? Certainly not. And by the time you reach Vegas, just think about all of the practice you’ll have had.

Mid-Range: “Shorten your path”

This is, by far, where most of the eventual qualifiers will probably hail from. Not necessarily because of any difference in skill level, but just because of the overwhelming number of tournaments scheduled for this bracket. Besides their four daily events, Bodog has scheduled a total of 66 different Mid-Range events. Buy-ins range from $10+$1 to $100+10, and will come up at various times throughout the day. If you’re willing to invest the extra cash for a Mid-Range buy-in, you’ll probably have a much better chance of reaching the Main Event Satellite.

Fast: “Buy directly in”

It really doesn’t get more straightforward than this. Bodog is offering players 10 chances to buy directly into a Main Event Satellite, each of which will cost you $470+$30. The amount of guaranteed seats vary from 2 to 4 to 10, so be sure to pay attention to which tables you’re bellying up to.

Got all that? While it may not be as flashy as some of the other WSOP promotions, this is still a great way to get to Vegas. In fact, because of its simplicity, this may be one of the best. So, if you’ve got an itch to compete in the big game, head over to our Bodog Download page. See you at the tables!…


Synagogue Holds Casino Fundraiser

Some people think that gambling is evil. They think that it is immoral in that it is a waste of money, promotes gluttony and excess and that it leads to addiction. Some even think it’s a sin. I’m not going to tell anyone what to believe, especially when it comes to religion. Some secular gamblers are quick to stereotype the religious as being closed-minded and against gambling. In many cases, though, religious groups are fine with gambling and in some cases, they even support it.


Last year, Reverend Andrew Trapp made news by appearing in a televised national poker tournament. The Catholic junior priest entered the free tournament and played in an attempt to raise funds for a new sister church that his church is planting. Though he didn’t win the tournament, he still took back $100,000, bringing his church much closer to their goal. It seems that gambling can be done for a good cause.


When asked about a priest engaging in gambling, Rev. Trapp said that gambling, like togel hongkong hari ini , is okay if it’s “done in moderation. The key is to be smart and not overdo it.” Comparing it to drinking is a good analogy. Most people would say that it’s okay to have a glass of wine with dinner, but it’s completely different to binge drink, get behind the wheel of a car, and then drive home and beat your wife in a drunken rage. Just because abusing alcohol is bad doesn’t mean drinking it is. The same can be said for gambling. Of course gambling away your college fund or life savings or ending up in debt is a bad thing to do, but enjoying a nice game of blackjack every now and then is fine if you do it responsibly.


The Bible from which Rev. Trapp preaches says the same thing about finances that I always say – that you should be wise with your spending, not be extravagant, and try to use the money you are trusted with for good. Playing mostbet blackjack responsibly does not go against any of that.


Now there is another example of a religious group using gambling for the greater good. On Saturday, the East Brunswick Jewish Center held its annual Casino Night fundraiser. Despite heavy snowfall, there was a idman Azərbaycan big turnout for the fundraiser to benefit the New Jersey synagogue. Like any place of worship, the synagogue relies on donations to pay for their expenses. The annual Casino Night fundraiser pays for a big part of their budget.


Over 200 locals braved the blizzard conditions to enjoy some blackjack, roulette, poker and other casino games, all in the name of a good cause. The East Brunswick Jewish Center is an important part of their community, but their efforts in the community and their ability to hold services require money. It is estimated that the Casino Night raised over $23,000 for the synagogue.


Everyone needs to make up …


Review of The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

There are several good “complete system” blackjack card counting books available, each espousing a different, but similar system. The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book by Humble and Cooper is one of these.

Like most books of this type, it begins with a general description of what blackjack is and why it can be beaten by a card counter. At this point in most books, the author launches right in to the basic strategy. In The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book, the authors first discuss choosing the casino, interacting with the dealer and usually advanced topics like reading the dealer, how to talk to the pit boss, and when to make a quick exit.

After the basic strategy discussion, which is on track with what other authors recommend, they introduce the Hi-Opt 1 counting system. The Hi-Opt 1 is a level one count system which treats the Ace as a neutral card. While this generally reduces the correlation for betting strategy, the playing strategy correlation is exceptionally high, especially for a level one system (for a complete analysis of the relative strengths of various systems see Peter Griffin’s superb Theory of Blackjack). This makes the Hi-Opt 1 a great count system to use against single deck games, where betting strategy changes are more important than in shoe games. When you add a side count of aces, the Hi-Opt 1 performs very well.

After basic and advanced Hi-Opt 1 play, the authors discuss playing “private” blackjack games, that is, those spread outside of a sanctioned casino. This is the only place where I’ve seen this material covered, and it’s covered well. The rest of this book is devoted to additional tips, choosing games, playing multiple hands, getting on junkets, developing your act, etc.. Overall, this is as comprehensive a book on blackjack as exists on the market today. Others are comparable, but none much more so.

The book is not without its flaws. First, the Slot Gacor authors are far more paranoid about dealer cheating than I think is justifiable. Even at the time the book was being developed, I don’t think that cheating was nearly as prevalent as they make it out to be.

The second problem is with their claims of the Hi-Opt 1 system. While it, with a side count of aces, is a very good system, it is not as superior as they make it out to be. The system they espouse is arguable the best for single deck play, but for shoes, Wong’s Hi-Lo (see Stanford Wong’s Professional Blackjack or Blackjack Secrets for more information) is slightly more powerful and simpler, since one doesn’t have to side count aces.

If one can overlook these faults, this is a winning system, and players will be well served by this book. In addition, for those players who have already adopted another system, this book has enough unique material in it to justify its modest price. I don’t think it’s the best book for rank beginners, as the little incorrect material can …

Unique Casino

Tip of the month FOCUS and PREPARATION

Tip of the monthHave you ever found that sometimes you start tournaments well and in others you just can’t get ‘tuned in’? Sometimes you make finals but when the money counts you make mistakes and have difficulty focusing? What should you do about it?

Let us consider a trained athlete just before he/she runs in the 100M final at the Olympics. What do they do? Are they in the bar having a beer or chatting to their friends in the crowd? Not usually. They can be seen ‘blocking out’ all outside interferences. They may be sat with their heads in their hands or standing with their heads bowed. What do they think about? Winning ! Having that gold medal placed around their necks!

How do they achieve the ‘focus’ that everyone talks about? They probably go through races in their heads that they’ve won. They ‘pump themselves up’ by going through past victories in their minds.

Let’s apply this to poker.

First though, go through all the hands that you’ve played badly (some people will take longer than others 😉 ).

Think about hands that you’ve played that have knocked you out of tournaments at crucial stages. The time that you played AQ (or even that lousy AJ) against a good players pre-flop raise, hit the Ace on the flop and decimated your stack of chips. The time that you called a raise for ALL your chips with pocket sevens or the time that you made an early position raise with pocket nines, fell in love with them and refused to pass for a re-raise on your left !

Now that that’s out of the way, think about Unique Casino hands you’ve played well. These are the ‘perfect’ reads that you’ve put on opponents because everything seemed so transparent, the finals that you’ve made and the tournaments that you’ve won.

Can you remember the way you played through those victorious finals, how quickly the time seemed to pass and how confident you felt? This is how you can gain the ‘poker focus’ that you need and slip straight into your ‘A’ game at the start of the next tournament that you play.

Mike Caro once said that when you join a poker game say to yourself, ‘I am a GREAT poker player; a powerful winning force surrounds me.’ He had a point!…

Togel singapore

Total Jackpot Kasino Online Melampaui 2,4 Juta

Kira-kira $2,3 juta hanya menunggu di agar pemain beruntung dan menjadi pemenang jackpot multi-juta dolar online pertama di dunia. Dan duduk di sebelah tumpukan uang tunai yang cukup besar yang hanya meminta untuk diklaim adalah BMW Z4 Roadster baru, yang akan menandai pintu masuk pemenang yang beruntung ke dalam gaya hidup Millionaire. Promosi BMW Z4 akan berlangsung sepanjang bulan Mei di semua Setelah meraih lusinan penghargaan dari publikasi game dan polling pemain, InterCasino selalu menjadi tempat favorit untuk bonus dan promosi yang menggiurkan. Untuk detail lebih lanjut tentang penawaran baru terpanas di kasino online terbesar di dunia, lihat

Jackpot Kasino Online Mendekati $4.000.000!!

Pada akhir Mei, jackpot di Togel singapore slot progresif CryptoLogic’s Millionaires Club telah meningkat melampaui angka $3.043.035. Sekarang berada di jalur yang tepat untuk tonggak sejarah berikutnya sebesar $ 4 juta, melampaui semua rekor sebelumnya karena semakin banyak pemain yang masuk ke kasino online yang diberdayakan Crypto untuk kesempatan mereka mendapatkan kekayaan instan.
Popularitas besar dari permainan slot bonus 9 baris Millionaires Club kini telah mendorong jackpot progresif meningkat pada tingkat lebih dari $35.000 setiap hari menurut manajer InterCasino Ryan Hartley dan, dalam kata-katanya: ‘… online paling populer jackpot kasino yang pernah kita lihat di internet.’

Dengan jackpot yang meledak, pemain slot Togel singapore dari seluruh dunia sekarang berbondong-bondong ke kasino yang membawa CryptoLogic progresif dengan harapan menjadi jutawan kasino online berikutnya. Siapa pun yang mengumpulkan hadiah besar akan menulis ulang buku rekor sebagai pemenang Internet terbesar.

Jackpot Kasino Online Melewati $3.000.000

Pada akhir Mei, jackpot di slot progresif Millionaires Club CryptoLogic telah meningkat melampaui angka $3.043.035. Gim ini berada di jalur yang tepat untuk melampaui semua rekor sebelumnya, karena semakin banyak pemain yang masuk ke kasino online yang diberdayakan Crypto untuk mendapatkan peluang keberuntungan instan.
Popularitas besar dari permainan slot bonus 9 baris Millionaires Club kini telah mendorong jackpot progresif meningkat pada tingkat lebih dari $35.000 setiap hari menurut manajer InterCasino Ryan Hartley dan, dalam kata-katanya: “… online paling populer jackpot kasino yang pernah kita lihat di internet.”

Dengan jackpot yang meledak, pemain slot dari seluruh dunia sekarang berbondong-bondong ke kasino yang membawa CryptoLogic progresif dengan harapan menjadi jutawan kasino online berikutnya. Siapa pun yang mengumpulkan hadiah besar akan menulis ulang buku rekor sebagai pemenang Internet terbesar.…

Crypto Gambling

Ripple News As XRP Sends Blockchain Transaction Across 7 Ledgers to strat Crypto Gambling



It just got a whole lot easier for banks to do business with bitcoi


Yesterday, Ripple open-sourced the first bitcoin plug-in for its Interledger protocol (ILP), designed to seamlessly let users conduct transactions across a wide range of ledgers.


By open-sourcing the bitcoin tool, along with another plug-in for enterprise-focused platform Chain, Ripple was able to conduct, in a live demo, a single transaction across seven different ledgers. Conducted at the Blockchain Expo in Berlin, Germany, the single transaction went across public blockchains, private blockchains, a centralised ledger and a traditional payment channel.


While no single transaction would likely ever require so many ledger integrations, Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas said the purpose of the demo was to show future users that traditional channels can work in harmony with distributed ledgers.



Thomas said:




In addition to the newly open-sourced bitcoin and Chain integrations, an Interledger transaction for a “relatively small” value was also conducted with Ripple’s native currency, XRP, using both an XRP escrow and an XRP payment channel. Ethereum, Ripple’s centralized Five Bells Ledger and a so-called ‘trustline’ were also used in the transaction.


The payment was converted from fiat to ether to XRP to euros, depending on the payment channels, with Interledger’s connectors converting the currency and forwarding the payments from one ledger to another for Crypto Gambling.


Interoperability in sight

The Interledger demonstration is part of an overall industry trend towards merging blockchains –one that has gained significant momentum this year.


In the last month alone, Blockstack launched its decentralized browser designed to let any number of blockchains mesh into a distributed version of the internet, and 0x launched an alpha version of its token trading platform built to allow decentralized applications to seamlessly interact by instantly exchanging their native tokens.


Co-inventor of the ILP and managing director of Ripple’s Luxembourg office, Evan Schwartz, positions the demonstration as part of a bigger-picture push to show blockchain interoperability has moved past being just a good idea.


“What this shows is that with this kind of architecture that Interledger has, it’s not just about integrating two ledgers, it’s about doing this across many types of ledgers,” Schwartz said.


Warming to cryptocurrency

Ripple initially released the ILP in October 2015, at a time when banks were even more wary about doing business with cryptocurrencies and had only just begun to explore non-cryptocurrency applications of blockchain technology.


Since the launch, banks have shown increasing interest in working with a wide range of distributed, shared databases and specifically blockchains, even if their willingness to transact in cryptocurrency remains largely stifled by concerns surrounding know-your-customer (KYC) compliance.


Ripple has, …

Agen Joker123

Keno is All About the Agen Joker123 Numbers

Land casinos generally pay back about 70 to 75 cents on the dollar in keno, but the returns at online casinos can vary substantially between different software providers. What does that mean? Choose carefully where you play.

Microgaming, Cryptologic, Boss Media, and Unified Gaming are the four largest brands of online casino software manufacturers to offer a keno game, but there is a 30% difference between the highest and lowest pay back. Here’s the breakdown on who pays what.

The best online keno offered is Microgaming’s pick 13, with a return of 96.54%. The worst, on the other hand, is Boss Media’s pick 4 with a return of 67.39%.

Overall, pay backs for Microgaming and Unified Gaming are very close, with returns ranging from 92.09% to 96.54%, except for the pick 1 which always pays 3:1 for a return of 75%.

Cryptologic and Boss Media fall far behind these two, however, with returns ranging from a low of 67.39% to a high of 73.79%, again not counting the pick 1.

The following table shows the return for all four brands, according to the number of picks.

The best way to highlight the winner is to show the specific pay table and probabilities for Microgaming’s pick 13

$176k Winner at InterCasino

A- InterCasino, the world’s largest Internet casino, announced today that a Mega Agen Joker123 Jackpot of $176,688 was hit on in its Progressive Caribbean Poker game.

The jackpot had been steadily building and was finally hit on May 26th. InterCasino’s Progressive Caribbean Poker jackpot has become one of the largest in online gaming history.

The winner, ‘moosed’ from Hawaii, was having a quiet game of Caribbean Poker at InterCasino before breakfast on Saturday morning when the once-in-a-lifetime event happened — a Royal Flush. He looked at the progressive jackpot tabletop counter and saw that he had just won $176,688.

‘Moosed’ still sounded shocked when casino manager Ryan Hartley phoned him two hours after his win to congratulate him. An InterCasino player since 1996, ‘moosed’ is the second player since March to scoop the biggest and best progressive jackpot on the net.

InterCasino’s Caribbean Poker includes a wide screen with 3D graphics and animations, and a multi-player Progressive Jackpot that starts at an incredible $100,000 and grows with every bet. Players don’t even need a Royal Flush to get the taste of a big win. A straight flush gives players 10% of the jackpot, which is at least $15,000. Lower combinations also pay out handsomely — as a $1 bonus bet brings $1,000 on Four of a Kind, $100 on a Full House and $50 on a Flush.

Every player can be a winner at InterCasino. Throughout June, all players who make a single deposit of $50 or more will be automatically credited with an additional $50 as a free bonus.

InterCasino is the most popular and prompt-paying casino on the Internet. With a 97.5% payout rate, they have been the industry leader since the inception of online gaming in 1995. …