Book Review Survival Hacks Wilderness Survival by Creek Stewart Gunscom

“Ever wonder what you could do with a soda can tab, gum wrapper, Ramen noodles, and a q-tip? No, this isnu2019t a pitch for an episode of MacGuyver. Survival expert Creek Stewart offers practical, potentially life-saving tricks and uses for these and many more common items in his recent release Survival Hacks: Over 200 Ways to use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival.
nThe softcover book provides plenty of survival ideas using found objects, common goods, and overlooked items we all have laying around the house. In the list of over 200 hacks, I guarantee youu2019ll look at more than a few run-of-the mill items in a new way. I know I made a few new additions to my bug out bag and survival packs after reading.
Whether packing for an uneventful camping trip or pla
ing for a backcountry adventure, Stewart has ideas galore with plenty of illustrations to make each more understandable. Some, like u201cUse Ice to Make Your Shoes more Comfortableu201d or u201cGum Wrapper Fireu201d are better practiced in the kitchen or backyard before thinking you can do it successfully in adverse conditions. Still others like u201cHack Tarp Boatu201d will require more than a little luck to be successful. The majority, however, are simple, achievable, and creative.”

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