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Ripple News As XRP Sends Blockchain Transaction Across 7 Ledgers to strat Crypto Gambling



It just got a whole lot easier for banks to do business with bitcoi


Yesterday, Ripple open-sourced the first bitcoin plug-in for its Interledger protocol (ILP), designed to seamlessly let users conduct transactions across a wide range of ledgers.


By open-sourcing the bitcoin tool, along with another plug-in for enterprise-focused platform Chain, Ripple was able to conduct, in a live demo, a single transaction across seven different ledgers. Conducted at the Blockchain Expo in Berlin, Germany, the single transaction went across public blockchains, private blockchains, a centralised ledger and a traditional payment channel.


While no single transaction would likely ever require so many ledger integrations, Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas said the purpose of the demo was to show future users that traditional channels can work in harmony with distributed ledgers.



Thomas said:




In addition to the newly open-sourced bitcoin and Chain integrations, an Interledger transaction for a “relatively small” value was also conducted with Ripple’s native currency, XRP, using both an XRP escrow and an XRP payment channel. Ethereum, Ripple’s centralized Five Bells Ledger and a so-called ‘trustline’ were also used in the transaction.


The payment was converted from fiat to ether to XRP to euros, depending on the payment channels, with Interledger’s connectors converting the currency and forwarding the payments from one ledger to another for Crypto Gambling.


Interoperability in sight

The Interledger demonstration is part of an overall industry trend towards merging blockchains –one that has gained significant momentum this year.


In the last month alone, Blockstack launched its decentralized browser designed to let any number of blockchains mesh into a distributed version of the internet, and 0x launched an alpha version of its token trading platform built to allow decentralized applications to seamlessly interact by instantly exchanging their native tokens.


Co-inventor of the ILP and managing director of Ripple’s Luxembourg office, Evan Schwartz, positions the demonstration as part of a bigger-picture push to show blockchain interoperability has moved past being just a good idea.


“What this shows is that with this kind of architecture that Interledger has, it’s not just about integrating two ledgers, it’s about doing this across many types of ledgers,” Schwartz said.


Warming to cryptocurrency

Ripple initially released the ILP in October 2015, at a time when banks were even more wary about doing business with cryptocurrencies and had only just begun to explore non-cryptocurrency applications of blockchain technology.


Since the launch, banks have shown increasing interest in working with a wide range of distributed, shared databases and specifically blockchains, even if their willingness to transact in cryptocurrency remains largely stifled by concerns surrounding know-your-customer (KYC) compliance.


Ripple has, …


Permainan Baccarat Online Android yang Harus Dicoba Togel Singapore




Menurut sumber yang terpercaya, baccarat online android akan menjadi salah satu permainan online yang paling menguntungkan. Akan tetapi masih belum banyak penggemar judi online yang belum mengetahui rahasia kemenangan pada permainan baccarat online. Hal ini bisa menjadi keuntungan bagimu karena peluang kemenangan masih sangatlah besar. Banyak yang beranggapan bahwa baccarat online lebih rumit daripada permainan judi online lain. Akan tetapi, kamu bisa berpikiran bahwa permainan ini merupakan sebuah tantangan yang patut untuk ditaklukkan. Terlebih dengan tips-tips dalam artikel ini yang akan banyak membantumu.


Pada dasarnya permainan baccarat online android ini sangatlah sederhana. Kamu bisa menjadi bos besar dalam permainan ini. Inti dari permainan baccarat online android ini adalah menaruh taruhan pada dua pihak yang berbeda yaitu pada banker/ bandar atau pada player/ pemain. Tentu saja taruhan diletakkan sebelum permainan Togel Singapore berlangsung. Jadi, ada dua pihak yang bermain dalam permainan ini yaitu pihak pemain dan pihak bandar. Bagaimana, permainan ini terdengar begitu menantang bukan? Jika kamu merasa sudah ahli dalam permainan poker atau domino online, kamu juga harus bertanding baccarat online android.


Semua Tentang Baccarat Online Android

Permainan baccarat online android sangat sesuai untuk orang-orang yang suka keramaian dan bersosialisasi. Bagaimana tidak, permainan ini bisa dimainkan sampai dengan empat belas orang! Semakin banyak orang yang ikut bermain akan menjadi semakin seru dan menegangkan. Kamu bisa mengajak teman-teman lamamu untuk ikut bermain dalam permainan baccarat online ini untuk ajang reuni. Selain itu jika bergabung dengan agen baccarat online android, kamu bisa menemukan banyak orang dengan minat yang sama. Berikut ini semua yang kamu butuhkan sebelum bermain baccarat online.


Peraturan Pertama: Pahami Tujuan

Dalam permainan baccarat, tujuan utamanya adalah meraih sedekat mungkin angka 9 pada total jumlah kartu. Dalam permainan ini, meraih jumlah sembilan sempurna adalah sebuah hal yang tidak mungkin. Pemain hanya berusaha mendekati nilai tersebut. Apabila pemain mendapatkan jumlah kartu lebih dari angka 10, maka jumlah tersebut harus dikurangi dengan 10. Misalnya kamu mendapatkan jumlah kartu 13, maka 13-10= 3. Dan jika mendapatkan jumlah total kartu 10 maka 10-10= 0. Tentu menjadi semakin menegangkan saat proses perhitungan kartu dimulai!


Peraturan Kedua: Nilai Tiap Kartu

Salah satu hal terpenting pada permainan baccarat online ini adalah nilai dari tiap kartu yang ada. Tanpa mengetahui perhitungan ini, kamu akan kebingungan dalam permainan. Perhitungannya sebenarnya sangat mudah untuk diingat. Kartu 2-9 memiliki nilai sesuai dengan angka yang tertera pada kartu tersebut. Kartu 10, kartu Jack, kartu Queen, dan kartu King memiliki nilai nol. Ya, pada pertarungan kartu ini kartu-kartu royal tersebut tidak memiliki nilai! Sedangkan nilai kartu Ace adalah 1. Mudah bukan untuk selalu diingat?


Peraturan Ketiga: Aturan Penarikan

Apabila salah satu banker atau pemain mendapatkan total delapan atau sembilan pada periode dua kartu yang pertama, maka kartu tidak akan diambil lagi. Pemain itu akan mendapatkan Natural Win. Kemudian jika jumlah total kartu player adalah tujuh atau enam, maka kartu player tidak ditarik kembali. Kartu ketiga baru akan ditarik jika jumlah total kartu pemain sama atau kurang dari lima.


Bagaimana menurutmu setelah membaca peraturan baccarat …

Energy supplement

Energy supplement by Vimgo – Energy Drinks are generally Healthy Is that genuine?


Energy drinks are typically popular with young people. They are marketed primarily to people between ages of 18 and 30 as being a stimulant, which is why they’ve got names that convey energy, power, and speed, in addition to sexuality, examples: Red Fluff, Monster, Full Throttle, Amp, XS, Redline, Good ole’ Star, and Spark. Energy drinks are sodas advertised as providing energy to improve physical activity of your drinker, as compared to a typical drink. These drinks aren’t necessarily bad for an individual, but they shouldn’t be observed as natural alternatives both. Theyare sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, bars, night clubs, and in some regions, even schools.


Energy Drinks are definitely not healthy. They are generally risk-free, but like most items, you should drink these individuals in moderation. These liquids contain legal stimulants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, including caffeinated drinks, guarana, taurine, various forms of ginseng, maltodextrin, carnitine, creatine, as well as ginkgo biloba. Energy drinks are not the optimal drinks to quench your thirst due to dehydration. They are not merely popular among athletes, they’re also being taken by young people who want to be more alert. Energy Drinks contain caffeine. Red Bull, probably the most popular of this form of drinks, contains nearly 70 mg of caffeine each can, about the same quantity of caffeine as a glass of brewed coffee and twice the caffeine being a cup of tea.


These type of Energy supplement shouldn’t be consumed during exercise. These drinks should not be confused with sports products like Gatorade, which are consumed that can help people stay hydrated while in exercise. Energy drinks’ stimulating properties can enhance the heart rate and our blood pressure (sometimes concise of palpitations), dehydrate our bodies, and, like other stimulants, reduce sleep. These type of drinks claim to supply people with increased levels of energy that will keep these active and alert. They might be effective aids in retaining energy and alertness. Many people, however, are loaded with calories from sugar the ones that claim they are sugar free possess a sugar substitute. Energy drinks really should not be used for replenishing liquids at any age. Energy drinks have added caffeine and other ingredients that their companies say increase stamina along with boost performance. Energy drinks can have a harmful effect in case they’re abused.


Caffeine in these drinks also come in many different forms depending on the brand that you select. Caffeine, the main compound in energy drinks, isn’t directly toxic towards heart. Caffeine containing drinks and also other such temporary stimulants usually are not safe. Caffeine can raise your blood pressure, and sometimes impair blood circulation to your heart. Coffee, like alcohol, is some sort of diuretic that promotes smooth loss. Caffeine is a drug that is certainly easily accessed by men and women of any age, specially teens. Caffeine is a known stimulant that can temporarily alleviate an impression of sluggishness. Caffeine affects the degrees of dopamine, a chemical inside brain’s pleasure center.


Caffeine works by blocking the

Snus Nicotine

Cigarette smuggling case winds down but Snus Nicotine is Booming

Federal prosecutors are wrapping up — without going to trial — an investigation of eight people accused of smuggling millions of dollars worth of cigarettes from North Idaho to tribal smoke shops in western Washington.

A trial date was cancelled Friday with guilty pleas from four final defendants, including accused ringleader Louie Mahoney, of Plummer, Idaho.

The latest guilty pleas came eight months after at least three defendants from western Washington cut plea-bargain deals with federal prosecutors and agreed to testify against Mahoney and other co-conspirators living in North Idaho, court documents reveal.

The smuggling operation between 1999 and May 2003 cost the state of Washington an estimated $56 million in lost taxes, according to Jim McDevitt, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Washington.

As part of the investigation and an earlier companion case involving six other defendants, a special task force seized $5.1 million in cash and more than 200,000 cartons of cigarettes.

Defendants in both cases agreed to forfeit the cash and cigarettes to the federal government as a condition of their plea agreements.

The “central conduit” of the conspiracy, court documents say, was Louie Mahoney, who ran the multi-million dollar a year contraband cigarette trafficking organization from his home in Plummer, on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation.

Mahoney’s criminal enterprise engaged in shipping, transporting, receiving, possessing, selling, distributing and purchasing of contraband cigarettes, court documents say.

He and co-conspirators also were involved in money laundering the proceeds from the contraband cigarette sales, mail fraud, interstate transportation in aid of racketeering and cigarette record-keeping violations.

Mahoney did not have a Coeur d’Alene tribal license to sell tobacco products, court documents say.

Doing business as JKL Enterprises, Mahoney ordered untaxed cigarettes from wholesale suppliers in Spokane and elsewhere, using two retail stores owned by relatives on the Coeur d’Alene reservations as fronts.

The cigarettes and other tobacco products actually would be delivered to Mahoney’s home on U.S. Highway 95, near Plummer, the documents say, before being shipped to a dozen tribal smoke shops in western Washington.

There, business was brisk because non-tribal customers could buy the cigarettes without paying the $14.25-per-carton state tax. In Washington, cigarettes must bear either tax-paid stamps or tax-exempt stamps.

Mahoney, 61, and his two sisters, Margaret R. Jose, 61, and Christine Mahoney-Meyer, both of Plummer, pleaded guilty Friday in U.S. District Court in Yakima to conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Check out Snus Nicotine

Roger Fiander, 67, of Wapato, Wash., also pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the federal anti-racketeering law.

In accepting the latest guilty pleas, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Whaley ordered background reports on the four defendants and scheduled sentencing for Aug. 28 in Yakima. They are free on bonds or other conditions until sentencing.

Written plea agreements signed by the defendants and approved by the court were not filed immediately as public documents.

Their guilty pleas came after earlier guilty pleas from four other defendants indicted in the same case – Gerald …

Togel Singapore




Canadian poker player “dbecks23ex” is the first winner of the jackpot on tap at The Deal, the mini-game part of Full Tilt’s Players Club.


The win comes one month after the poker room decided to launch its brand new Players Club, an all-new loyalty program aimed at attracting more recreational players to the platform.


Accessible to all players at Full Tilt at the cost of one coin or 20 Full Tilt Points (FTPs), The Deal is a very easy game to play.


As soon as a player pays the entry fee, seven cards are dealt face down, with the player consequently choosing two to be discarded. After that, the remaining five cards on the table are revealed and are used to make a poker hand, with the strength of the poker hand determining what prize is awarded.



A new virus making the rounds on the Internet enables cybercriminals to take screenshots of opponents’ hands on popular poker sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, according to ESET, a Slovakian online security company.


ESET, warns users of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker of a new malicious spyware program called Odlanor. The spyware, which takes screenshots of the infected player’s virtual poker hand, is designed to allow the malware operator to cheat during online games.


Once installed, the malware first checks if PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker is running. If confirmed, Odlanor proceeds to take screenshots of the poker hand, all without alerting the victim. The screenshots – which capture the player’s cards in the victim’s virtual hand – are then sent to the attacker, giving the criminal an unfair advantage at winning the poker game.


So.. How that’s happen?!?…


Like a typical computer trojan, users usually get infected with Win32/Spy.Odlanor unknowingly when downloading some other, useful application from sources different than the official websites of the software authors. This malware masquerades as benign installers for various general purpose programs, such as Daemon Tools or mTorrent. In other cases, it was loaded onto the victim’s system through various poker-related programs – poker player databases, poker calculators, and so on – such as Tournament Shark, Poker Calculator Pro, Smart Buddy, Poker Office, and others.


Once executed, the Odlanor malware will be used to create screenshots of the window of the two targeted poker clients – PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, if the victim is running either of them. The screenshots are then sent to the attacker’s remote computer.


Afterwards, the screenshots can be retrieved by the cheating attacker. They reveal not only the hands of the infected opponent but also the Togel Singapore player ID. Both of the targeted poker sites allow searching for players by their player IDs, hence the attacker can easily connect to the tables on which they’re playing.



Togel Hongkong

Blackjack Resources That Could Change Your Life with Togel Hongkong



Blackjack is one of the most popular games that have ever been played at a casino. To this date there are as many variations of this game as the number of cards in a deck. In reality, of all the games that one finds at a casino, this is the one that truly offers a chance for the individual to potentially gain an edge over the house (the casino). Over the years, I have come across a few resources in blackjack that I believe are worth a read..


Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum – BlackjackForumOnline dot com

It seems that there is such a thing as free money, well, or at least as close to it anyway. This site is an information portal with gambling tips from professional gamblers, a valuable tool that you get for free at this forum. It also hosts a Professional Gambling Library, one of the largest sources of gambling tips and tricks on Blackjack on the internet. The site is deep enough that you could consider using it as a launch pad to kick start a gambling career but simple enough to get a couple of ideas for your next trip to Atlantic City, even if you are a beginner.


Blackjackinfo dot com

As the very name suggests, this site is all about the game. One of the main features on this site is their software, or should I say, the casino verite, a perfect tool to practice Blackjack before hitting the casino floor.


When it comes to online gambling is concerned, most of us have questions ranging from which sites are the ones to trust, how to win online, the legalities and so on. Their online gambling section answers most of these commonly asked questions. Their side design and the depth of the information contained in this site makes them stand out from the crowd. If you are a professional blackjack Player, then you might find the update on blackjack tournaments listed here quite useful.


Blackjackincolor dot com

This site is perhaps the best place on the ‘Net to understand the underlying mechanics of Blackjack. They don’t really give you a formula to help one win the next hand of blackjack but rather helping one understand the vulnerabilities of the system and the player, which is you. What I really like about this site, is the way it takes one into the nuances of the game, step by step, but at the same time keeping it simple and interesting. Their discussions are scientific and their arguments make sense. Their explanations are often supported with charts that ram the point home. Take a peek and you’ll sound like a pro at your next dinner party!


BJMath dot com

Math is said to be the language that unites us all. Since math is their focus, it isn’t surprising how accurate their information is, a rare commodity in today’s internet sites. This site has various tools dealing with the game such …

2022 Wall Calendars

Six Tips For College Basketball Betting and 2022 Wall Calendars



In terms of sheer numbers, no sport matches the opportunity, intrigue, depth of quality, or endless variety involved with college basketball betting. Nearly every day of the week, from mid-November through March, bettors and sportsbooks match bankrolls on the hardwood fortunes of 235 teams in more than a dozen conferences. While number crunching and detailed analysis always are essential tools in college basketball betting, a degree of “art” compliments the “science” and is helpful, too. The successful bettor understands that subjective analysis of a number of other factors also must be considered. Let’s look at a number of these elements: Teeming with teams: Competition all but mandates that a sportsbook posts prices on over 200 teams, (as compared to 30 NBA clubs) providing the gambler with many more options. For bettors, it’s a lot easier to find a bad number among 100 games than it is to find one among 13 or 14.


Home, sweet home: Sure, the home court is a factor in NBA play but it’s the tiresome travel associated with getting to a road game that puts the visiting team at a disadvantage in the pro ranks. For that reason, NBA spreads are affected more by schedule than by actual home court. Since NCAA teams only play about 30 games a year, lengthy road trips aren’t a factor in college play. Nevertheless, with its requisite contingent of chanting, sign-waving students, the home court really does matter in college basketball betting. In fact, the home court can be such an advantage that there may be as much as a 10-point swing in home-and-home series pointspreads. More about 2022 Wall Calendars


Morale: A shorter schedule and more heated rivalries, particularly within conferences or states, all but guarantees that emotion, especially when you’re dealing with impressionable teenagers, will play a greater role in college basketball than it does in the NBA. For that reason, assessing a team’s motivation can be a crucial factor in college basketball betting. Revenge: Another factor unique to college basketball is revenge. A team that lost to an opponent once often is troublesome to tame the second time around. This is a scenario that plays itself out in conference play, where splits are more common than sweeps. Freshmen: Time was that first year recruits sat on the pine and waited their turn. Nowadays, if you’re good enough to play, coaches put you in the game. Interestingly, the emergence of freshmen as major contributors has required sportsbooks and bettors to track the careers of high school seniors, monitoring their college choices and assessing the impact they may have on those programs. Ohio State, which landed prized center Greg Oden, North Carolina, Texas, Connecticut, Duke, Tennessee, Washington, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Wake Forest, Stanford and Kansas are among the schools whose recruiting hauls could have a sizable impact on their fortunes this season. Since no sport is more affected by a single player than basketball, every new addition–freshman, junior college or transfer–has the opportunity to …


Approaches To Thoptv Application With Out Damaging Your Financial Institution


You ought to discover the user interface of the emulator to be like an Android smart device. Delight in the thoptv application on the computer for home windows and mac and see all the web content you see on your mobile phone. Additionally, given that the application can function well with various other video clip gamers, you can use any one of your existing playback applications to appreciate the web content in ThopTV. Likewise, to make the application a lot more easily accessible to the majority of customers, ThopTV additionally includes prompt Conversation Assistance, which will lead you with every experience within the application. First, Android customers in ThopTV will have accessibility to the substantial TELEVISION network collection with greater than 3000 various networks from worldwide. Right here in ThopTV, Android individuals will likewise have the choice to make use of outside captions on any picked motion pictures. Below is the application; you can likewise delight in countless complimentary films and TELEVISION programs that come on every one of your Android gadgets.

Going over the android emulator, there are significant quantities of options, essentially the professional like to opt for these emulators, these both are the cost-free android emulator with basic to use and also simple user interface, setup, and also arrangement. To begin delighting in the outstanding mobile application of ThopTV, Android individuals can merely choose up their cost-free application on the main site without needing to pay anything. To sustain a lot of your Android tools, ThopTV additionally includes maximized attributes and features, which will ensure that the application can conveniently deal with any one of your chosen tools. And certainly, your tools have to additionally be working on the newest firmware variation feasible to guarantee the application’s compatibility. You have to initially go to Playstore if you want to download it from Playstore. If you have any sort of problem relevant to this software program device after that, really feel complimentary to inquire about your trouble from conversation assistance.

You understand exactly how it goes if you have downloaded and install APK apps before. Enjoy selecting any offered networks in the application and placing them in your favored checklists. All the popular plus the minimal well-known online networks in India are done in ThopTV! Simultaneously, ThopTV will need its individuals to supply the application with particular accessibility consents required to allow the fully-featured application on their smartphones. And also, for those of you that are interested, the application additionally sustains numerous casting choices, which will enable you to promptly share the having fun video clips on tools with bigger displays. Merely transform the video clip, having a fun choice from the default to begin to appreciate one of the most relaxing experiences with the application. Do not hesitate to make usages of the readily available spreading alternatives and appreciate far better experiences with the mobile application. To make your in-app experiences extra tailored and also delightful, you can select to produce and also tailor your …

Binance Cashback

Invest in Bitcoin Safely with CES Cashback



Bitcoin made easy with CES Cashback. Future-proof and take control of your assets.


At first, there was only Bitcoin with Binance Cashback. Now, the token revolution is upon us!


The token revolution is absolutely upon us and there’s very little we can do to stop it.


CES Cashback’s coaching and awareness initiatives will bring you to a complete and total understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and decentralized systems. While these topics may seem challenging at first, our motivation is always to meet you where you are and to help you progress in your understanding at the proper pace for your own individual learning needs.


Once you’ve found the comfort and understanding you desire, our guides will assist you in determining what role this new technology should play in your business, investing, savings, and general day-to-day internet activities.


CES Cashback has solutions tailored to every individual or institution, with an intense focus on bringing complete newcomers into the foldwhile covering all of the must-know basics.


What I can do for you…

Set Up and Acquisition of Cryptocurrencies with kickback.

A specific analysis of active exchanges that will work with your specific bank accounts and identification documents. Depending on what accounts and ID you hold, I find the quickest route to helping you set up an account with at least 2 trusted exchange companies so that you can buy and sell coins with a minimum of hassle.


Security Protocols and Wallet Formations

I help you set up several cryptocurrency wallets, backing each of them up so that the funds cannot be easily lost, and I coach clients on best practices for keeping coins secure. Security strategies are tailored to the specific portfolio requirements of each client.


Custom-built Investment Strategies

Client-specific strategies, including many educational resources and an invitation to my Coin of the Month investment news letter. Risk and reward assessments are delivered, as well as connections to higher level consulting services including day trading and mining services.


What can you expect when working with CES Cashback and buy with Binance Cashback?


Flexible Pricing System

Allows for budget-based coaching & training modules.


1-on-1 Coaching

Live or web-based coaching experiences with qualified experts.


Tailored Consultations

One-off educational experiences, or continuous hands-on granular consultations.


Consulting Services

B2B and B2C gateways, merchant processing, and logistics.


Honor in Service

Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness in our dealings.


Inside Information

Know more about crypto-assets and decentralized ledger systems.…

Crane Truck Hire Sydney

Use Our Very Experienced Owner-Driver – Crane Truck Hire Sydney



Steve is a Toowoomba local of 39 years. He ran his own removal business for 22 years and has recently changed to truck hire.


He is very familiar with both local roads and Eastern Australia locations, having driven them over 1 million kms. He is used to finding remote station properties.


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIS VAST EXPERIENCE TO DRIVE HIS TRUCK instead of hiring a truck you can drive yourself. Moving is stressful enough without the added hastle of driving a truck afer you’ve just finished loading – you should be tired by then; he won’t be!


Advantages Of Using Our Driver | Crane Truck Hire Sydney


experienced owner driver who is familiar with THIS truck and pantec combination

he will park the truck as close as possible for you to uplift; if it is possible to physically fit his truck through the driveway, he will do it, where inexperienced drivers would leave the truck on the street.

guidance in the best way to load the truck – Steve has over 20 years furniture removals experience working in his ownGovernment accredited removals business

you don’t have to return the truck – very useful when travelling long distances. You can rest while he drives back to Toowoomba.

truck insurance is included because we use our driver.


Safe And Secure Truck Rental Service | Crane Truck Hire Sydney


Save $$$$ – be organised

have everything packed prior to uplift; don’t let the hours tick by while you are still packing

move as much as possible to one central uplift position (eg garage, front lawn) BEFORE the truck arrives – this save time and $$$

The Happy Truck Removals team knows precisely how costly moving your home and business can be. Along with providing quality truck rental services, we thought we’d share our money saving secrets. With our truck rental services and knowledge, you will save not only money, but valuable time as well.


Have willing helpers

at least TWO able-bodied people are required to load. No-one can do it on their own.

3-4 people loading/unloading are as many as you need – too many will get in each other’s way.

you are relying on your helpers to be there – explain how important this is to you.





DRIVE – to save you the inconvenience of returning our truck.

PROVIDE the LARGEST rigid pantech available – 70 cubic metres

SUPPLY alll necessary equipment, including blankets, trolleys, straps – completely free of charge

INCLUDE FUEL in the price of your quote – no need to guess

INCLUDE TRUCK INSURANCE  in the price of your quote





BOOK the day/s you require

PACK your house


LOAD the truck – ask our expert driver for guidance

UNLOAD the truck when it is delivered





Cost saving measures