Attempt These MilitaryGrade Gloves on Your Next Winter Adventure Bloomberg

“If youu2019ve ever had blue fingertips freeze the fun out of a skiing or snowmobiling tripu2014or even just a dog walk in Central Parku2014these Capstone Heated gloves from Outdoor Research are a $500 solution. The company, founded in 1981 by physicist-turned-adventurer Ron Gregg, has become a favorite of ice climbers, backcountry skiers, and the U.S. Special Ops, thanks to its productsu2019 legendary reliability.
These gloves, though, are a step above the brandu2019s typical gear. Black-on-black, and with a flared gauntlet that lends them a Darth Vader-like silhouette, they come with a square rubberized button near the cuff that glows red when you press it, signaling that the battery powered heating elements embedded inside the gloves are working. Press it a second time and the button will turn yellow, lowering the heat from high to medium; press it again, to attain low heat, and it will glow green.
You should be able to get eight hours of warmth on the lowest setting and five hours on medium. If you are heli-skiing in the Rockies or snowmobiling in Alaska, and you want to keep the temperatures as high as possible, the battery charge lasts about two and a half hours. But even without the heat on, the GoreTex lining and PrimaLoft insulationu2014a synthetic microfiber thermal material developed for the Armyu2014will keep your hands warm, and more important, dry. u201cIf itu2019s not breathable, it just turns into a sweatbox,u201d said Meghan Martens, Outdoor Researchu2019s senior product manager for gear and accessories.
The Capstone Heated gloves in action. Photograph: Brand”

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