A board in Leicester Square is refining Londons broadcast appointment Out London blog

“It doesnu2019t bring us great joy sharing news of Londonu2019s worrying pollution levels and the cityu2019s ability to breach pollution limits within five days of entering 2017, but luckily there are a number of initiatives working hard to clean up the city’s air. Scientists are building drones to help monitor levels, and Sadiq Khan recently a
ounced that two new electric-only bus routes will be introduced next spring and a u2018Toxicity chargeu2019 will soon be applied to Londonu2019s dirtiest vehicles.
And if that doesnu2019t help you breathe easy, this might: a billboard erected in Leicester Square is expected to reverse emissions of over 13,000 cars. Designed by Italian inventors Anemotech, itu2019s made from a fabric called the u2018The Breathu2019 and is billed as a simple material that adsorbs and disaggregates polluting molecules.
The mesh fabric traps pollutants, allowing cleaner, more breathable air to continue circulating and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Offices, schools and homes can have it installed to eradicate odours and increase the quality of air, while public outdoor applications can reverse the impact of smog and pollution across our cities. Anemotech has teamed up with media company Urban Vision, which specialises in the sponsored restoration of historical monuments and buildings across Europe, and who will use the material on all of its future advertisements in London and Italy.”

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