Where Does One Big Sbobet Indonesia Bet Per Hour Come From? Part II

You cannot consider yourself a very good poker player unless you are at least competent at reading hands. Hand-reading represents a gateway skill to advanced poker. Once you acquire this skill, at least to some degree, you can begin to play a few more hands profitably and start looking for the types of plays described below.

In Part II, we will look at the final group:

Avoiding Traps: Amarillo Slim Preston is fond of saying “All trappers don’t wear fur hats.” In fact, many of them wear eyeshades, poker jackets and sunglasses indoors. Poker traps come in an enormous number of disguises and nobody avoids them all. I will point out a few here that occur frequently.

Your aggressive opponent raises before the flop and gets a couple of callers. After the flop, they check to the raiser, who uncharacteristically checks! What is going on? Has he suddenly become timid? Did he miss the flop completely and just does not to waste a bet? Well, no. If he missed the flop, he would bet just in case the others missed as well, hoping they would fold. Instead, he has hit so much of the flop that he feels a need to check and either hope the others catch a second best hand, or that they bet into him so he can raise them on the turn for additional large bets. Remarkably, this ploy works frequently, which is why people keep doing it.

You limp in late with a hand like 98s. The flop comes Q88, there is a bet and call to you, you raise (good play!) and they call. Now the turn is a Q. They check to the raiser (you) and you bet. One of the players calls. Gee, what does he have? Does he have a pair like 99, and is calling in the hope that you were raising with nothing? Does he have an ace, and is calling hoping to get a split pot if you have an ace too, so you both have two pair with the same kicker? Well, no. Almost certainly he has a queen, and is sitting with queens full. He is afraid to check-raise the turn as he does not want to drive you out. When the river comes, he will either bet right out, or check again, hoping to get a check-raise. His choice depends on how he plays and what he thinks of how savvy you are.

Finally, a subtle example. You are in the big blind with J6 and get a free play in a 6-way pot. The small blind is an expert player. The flop comes 882, and everyone checks. The turn is an ace and everyone checks again. Now the river is a jack (giving you jacks and eights with an ace. The pro bets from the small blind. Should you call, raise or fold? Most players will call here, figuring the pro has a jack, and they will be splitting the pot. But in reality, …

Crypto Gambling

Ripple News As XRP Sends Blockchain Transaction Across 7 Ledgers to strat Crypto Gambling



It just got a whole lot easier for banks to do business with bitcoi


Yesterday, Ripple open-sourced the first bitcoin plug-in for its Interledger protocol (ILP), designed to seamlessly let users conduct transactions across a wide range of ledgers.


By open-sourcing the bitcoin tool, along with another plug-in for enterprise-focused platform Chain, Ripple was able to conduct, in a live demo, a single transaction across seven different ledgers. Conducted at the Blockchain Expo in Berlin, Germany, the single transaction went across public blockchains, private blockchains, a centralised ledger and a traditional payment channel.


While no single transaction would likely ever require so many ledger integrations, Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas said the purpose of the demo was to show future users that traditional channels can work in harmony with distributed ledgers.



Thomas said:




In addition to the newly open-sourced bitcoin and Chain integrations, an Interledger transaction for a “relatively small” value was also conducted with Ripple’s native currency, XRP, using both an XRP escrow and an XRP payment channel. Ethereum, Ripple’s centralized Five Bells Ledger and a so-called ‘trustline’ were also used in the transaction.


The payment was converted from fiat to ether to XRP to euros, depending on the payment channels, with Interledger’s connectors converting the currency and forwarding the payments from one ledger to another for Crypto Gambling.


Interoperability in sight

The Interledger demonstration is part of an overall industry trend towards merging blockchains –one that has gained significant momentum this year.


In the last month alone, Blockstack launched its decentralized browser designed to let any number of blockchains mesh into a distributed version of the internet, and 0x launched an alpha version of its token trading platform built to allow decentralized applications to seamlessly interact by instantly exchanging their native tokens.


Co-inventor of the ILP and managing director of Ripple’s Luxembourg office, Evan Schwartz, positions the demonstration as part of a bigger-picture push to show blockchain interoperability has moved past being just a good idea.


“What this shows is that with this kind of architecture that Interledger has, it’s not just about integrating two ledgers, it’s about doing this across many types of ledgers,” Schwartz said.


Warming to cryptocurrency

Ripple initially released the ILP in October 2015, at a time when banks were even more wary about doing business with cryptocurrencies and had only just begun to explore non-cryptocurrency applications of blockchain technology.


Since the launch, banks have shown increasing interest in working with a wide range of distributed, shared databases and specifically blockchains, even if their willingness to transact in cryptocurrency remains largely stifled by concerns surrounding know-your-customer (KYC) compliance.


Ripple has, …


Have a look at the advantages of shared web hosting!



The contributions of Shared web hosting services are not hidden from anyone, as most individuals are dependent on the mercy of it. Shared web hosting has become the foremost need of every website operator because it benefits them at a low price. The other types of web hosting are also there, but they are not providing that many benefits to the individuals; that is why shared web hosting is ruling the heart of website operators.


Apart from that, the business entrepreneurs and the servicemen are loving the services of shared web hosting because they are also running a business firm website, and Shared web hosting is providing them unlimited benefits. There are many advantages by which we can have an idea that the shared web hosting is so useful for our website, and those advantages will be described in the upcoming paragraphs.


The breathtaking advantages of shared web hosting 


  • You will have an opportunity of hosting the multiple domains


As it is a fact that is shared web hosting, multiple users are using one server’s resources, and the server provides at least one domain to one user. So, if there are multiple users with multiple domains, then you have the opportunity of hosting multiple domains for your website. And we all know that domain is the much-needed element for our website’s success; that is why we need to grab this opportunity of shared web hosting.


  • It will convince a hefty of traffic to your website


The other advantage of shared web hosting is that it will take a majority of traffic on your website. Our website needs plenty of traffic to be a successful website, and if there is no traffic, then our website will not live long in this cutthroat competition. In this situation, the shared web hosting does the needful task effectively. It designs your website’s data in a very beautiful style, by which your website looks professional.


And we all know that the audience always loves a website that looks professional. In this way, shared web hosting can help you in getting more traffic to your website. Apart from that, if you want to hire shared web hosting services, you must need a provider who can provide you the services of the shared web host. To get the provider, you need to check out the shared web hosting service providers on Google.




A resumption in GPT’s core business of manufacturing and selling automated currency acceptance and validation systems used in a variety of payment applications worldwide, complimented by new products and addressing new markets has put GPT back in the Black, and showing strong growth.


Hauppauge, New York, July 12, 2001 – Global Payment Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ Symbol: GPTX) (“GPT”), a leading manufacturer and innovator of currency acceptance systems used in the worldwide gaming, beverage, and vending industries today announced that it has signed a new two-year Supply Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. (“Aristocrat”), through its affiliate Global Payment Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. (“GPT-Australia”). Aristocrat, a Sydney, Australia based company, is the second largest manufacturer of gaming machines in the world, and the leader in the substantial Australian gaming market. The Agreement calls for GPT to be the “Most Favored Supplier” for the Australian, New Zealand and South African gaming markets and, as such, GPT will be the currency validating equipment used as the standard by Aristocrat in its gaming machines for these markets. As in prior Agreements, this does not preclude Aristocrat from using alternative currency validating equipment.


Stephen Katz, GPT’s Chairman and CEO, said, “Since 1995, Aristocrat and GPT have forged a close working relationship that began with the development of GPT’s Generation II product. Since that time, our sales, marketing and engineering departments have continued to work closely to create a mutually beneficial partnership, which includes local sales, Ligaz888 service and support provided by our affiliate, Global Payment Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. The new Agreement is a natural progression of our long-standing business relationship that spans more than six years and marks a strong beginning for the next phase of our growing partnership. We are pleased to continue to supply Aristocrat, one of the leading gaming companies in the world and the premier gaming company in Australia, what GPT believes to be, the best note validation equipment available today. We look forward to supporting Aristocrat as they continue their unprecedented growth and global expansion.”


Global Payment Technologies, Inc. is a United States-based designer, manufacturer, and marketer of automated currency acceptance and validation systems used to receive and authenticate currencies in a variety of payment applications worldwide. GPT’s proprietary and patented technologies are among the most advanced in the industry. Please visit the GPT web site for more information at


Aristocrat Leisure Limited (Aristocrat) – (ASX: AU:ALL) is the leading supplier of gaming machines in Australia and the largest gaming systems Company in the world. Founded in 1953, the Company has 1700 employees and holds more than 100 licenses and/or regulatory approvals throughout the world (including the US), serving customers in 20 countries. Aristocrat has applied for more than 1400 patents, trademarks and designs and has been named “Innovator of the Year” by Business Review Weekly magazine. The Company pioneered the industry move to video technology and supplies its customers with multiple platforms through multiple delivery systems. Please visit the Aristocrat …


Hold’em Slot Poker for Advanced Players, 21st Century Edition

Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players has certainly been one of the most influential poker books ever written, it has literally changed how people have played this game. Moreover, this book has, in large part, set the standard by which other poker books have been judged. Now, a much expanded new edition for the 21st century has been released.


The book starts with several short preliminary sections, including the Forward by expert player Ray Zee, the Introduction, and a section called “Using This Book”. The reader is warned immediately that this book should not be read casually. It is intended as a text book on Texas Hold’em and will need to be studied as a text, not read as one would a novel, if the reader is to maximize the benefit of the material within.


Then, the first of eight sections begins, covering the play of the first two cards. This includes the now famous hand ranking table. The authors recommend which sorts of hands to play in various positions but emphasize that it is not sufficient to just play well before the flop to be a winning player. The second section covers various important concepts about which the Hold’em player must be aware, including Semi-Bluffing, Slow Playing, the Check Raise, Inducing Bluffs, and many more. The third section covers a wide variety of topics, including playing when a flush draw flops, playing trash hands, playing against a maniac, etc.. Most of these sections were classics when they were written. They’re even better now that they’ve been updated to more closely reflect the sorts of games that are commonly found in card rooms today.


Sections four through six cover playing in all sorts of non-standard games, and this is the area where the book has been most greatly expanded since its original printing. We learn about playing in loose games, including so-called “No Fold’em” Slot games, playing short handed, and playing in other unusual circumstances. All of this information is very interesting and has been updated to be much more closely aligned to the sorts of games commonly found today. Of course, there is much more that could be said on some of these topics, such as playing in spread limit games, but the authors cover a lot of territory already. I especially like the new sections that cover considerations in playing some especially tricky starting hands, like AQoff.


Part seven includes commentary on other skills the successful Hold’em player will want to possess, such as reading hands and applying psychology. Finally, the last section, Questions and Answers, provides a quiz covering much of the material presented in earlier chapters so the reader can test themselves to see whether they’ve understood what the authors were trying to communicate. I’ve always felt that this was one of the strongest sections of this book and other publications by Two Plus Two, and I’m glad to see that it has been greatly expanded in the most recent edition. The book …


Those Sensational ligaz888 Slots

It’s man against machine, but does man really have a chance?

Many years ago casino executives were surprised to discover that the money they were making at the table games was beginning to decline, and the profits generated by the slot machines was growing. After all, slot machines were really just a few toys they kept around to entertain the wives of the high rollers while their husbands were busy at the tables. It didn’t make any sense that slot machines should be supplanting table game revenue.

But the casino executives just weren’t paying attention. With computers becoming a vital part of every day life, young people developing an attraction to video games, and instant gratification turning the modern world upside down, it was only natural that slot machines would begin to become the casinos main profit center.

By the mid-1980s, slot machines had matched table games in popularity, and by the time the decade turned, the so-called “one-armed bandits” had clearly become the casino’s favorite game. Today, more than two-thirds of casino revenue in the United States is derived from the slot machine.

Those same casino executives didn’t try to change the trend, however. They were delighted that slot machines were exhibiting such popularity. After all, the money derived from slot machines is guaranteed, while table game revenues are subject to the ebb and flow of Lady Luck. Sure, casinos have the advantage at the table games, but because the games themselves are volatile, the money won or lost on a monthly basis can vary widely. So slot machines became their cushion, with table games making up the difference between a great month or simply a good month.

The casinos can count on slot machine revenues because the machines are simply computers. The profit can be programmed into the machines by the use of a random number generator that determines just how much of the money played in that particular ligaz888 machine will be returned as winnings.

So why should casino customers play the slot machines, since the casino is guaranteed to win? The same random number generator that provides the casino with its guaranteed profit, also gives the player the opportunity to win.

Why the casino’s most exciting game just looks complicated

Blackjack players approach their game with the studiousness of a professor. Roulette players are like cartologists, mapping their way around the multi-numbered layout. Baccarat players are serious gamblers, with their emotions riding the game’s twists and turns. And slot players stare at their machines with a mind-numbing expression, only breaking their motion to quickly celebrate a win.

But over in the corner, you hear some yelling and rooting. You see a crowd of people gathered around what appears to be a pit, but is actually a craps game. Craps, or dice, is easily the casino’s most exciting game. When the dice are falling the right way, there are few other experiences that rival the camaraderie that the players feel at that table. As the shooter rolls …


Ranting UFAand the College Bowl System

Nobody asked me… but

  • I’m amazed how most football bettors find a way to lay points on the road in their pro football wagering. This has been a losing proposition for decades and it continues to be such in 2002.
  • Los Angeles is further away from getting a pro football team than ever. Those in the know say, “The City of Angels, under the current circumstances, is ten to twelve years away from getting a franchise.”
  • I feel sorry for the Washington Redskins fans. They have a great tradition, a solid team but now they must endure having the anti-Christ as their coach.
  • I’d much rather watch football games on Fox than ESPN. Why, you ask? Because Fox is easier to spell.
  • If we could extract the gambling aspects of college and pro football, the fan interest in both would wane by some 30–35%. Both the NCAA and the NFL are well aware of this fact.
  • Fifteen or twenty years ago there were over two thousand sports handicapping services operating in the United States. Today, there are less than two hundred! Not as easy as you thought, huh fellas?
  • On the subject of pick services: when one of them touts themselves as being #1, that means, by definition, that they checked the won-lost records of every handicapper on the planet and therefore deduced that they are the best. Either that or they are lying.
  • The New England Patriots gave their hometown fans the greatest sports thrills since the Celtics last won a championship, however, what the “Bean Town” folks really want and need is a Boston Red Sox World Series win.
  • There are three great sports in the world… pro football, college football and over/unders.
  • According to sports handicapping legend, Tamara Keller, totals (over/unders) are much easier to beat than picking which side is going to win.
  • My mother still does not understand just what it is that I do for a living.


But enough ranting, on to a system that you can really use:


The “College Bowl” system


The System

Bet on any “bowl bound” team that played their last “regular season” game more recently than did their opponent. For example, if Alabama has not played a UFA game in twenty days and UCLA has not played a game in thirty days, the bet would be Alabama. A bet does not become a stronger play due to a larger number of days off. That’s all there is to it!


The Facts

The system averages about ten selections per bowl season during the thirty-three years. The pointspread record of this system is 193 winners and 134 losers through January, 2002.


The Rationale

Let’s face it; long lay-offs have a negative effect on the players. I’m surprised that college coaches, who are aware of this, don’t do something about it. Some schools will actually have lay-offs of between five and six weeks between the regular season and their bowl game!


I’ll end with a quote …

Judi Online Terpercaya

A New Look and New Judi Online Terpercaya Games for Lasseters

Lasseters, Australia’s largest and longest-running online casino, has just launched its revamped web site.

The new site offers players smaller downloads, nine new slots games, Baccarat, and a unique Flash-based navigation.

The new slots are based on traditional Vegas themes and new concepts such as Fantasy, Egyptian, and Sports. The games include the latest nine pay line combinations, bets as low as 1 cent, and jackpots up to AU$50,000 (US$25,000).

Players now have a total of 21 games to choose from at Lasseters, including old favorites such as Roulette, Blackjack, Joker Poker, Baccarat, and Sic Bo. All games at the casino will remain Java-based.

Lasseters spent more than $2 million on the site in order to bring players improved navigation and a more appealing casino. Designers took player feedback and game popularity into account when they updated the site, and the changes are quite apparent in the new site.

Lasseters Managing Director, Peter Bridge, is expecting to see many more Judi Online Terpercaya players at the redesigned casino.

“Site improvements and modifications such as these allow Lasseters Online to be more responsive to players’ demands for new and improved games. It also significantly reduces the amount of time our players spend with site housekeeping and provides faster and simpler access to their winnings,” Bridge said.

Lasseters has more than just a new look to offer, however. First-time players are eligible for a 25 % sign-up bonus, and there’s an AU$30,000 (US$15,000) Christmas promotion. Players only need to bet AU$50 to be eligible, and they have until December 23 to enter the contest.

Lasseters is Australia’s first government-licensed and regulated online casino, and the company brings more than 20 years of land-based casino experience to the world of Internet wagering.

Big Money, Loyalty Points, and a 100% Bonus

Kiwi Casino must have a lot of spare cash lying around, because the casino is giving away $10,000 by the end of November. There’s $5,000 to be won on both the Slots Steeplechase and Blackjack Playoffs within the next month.

Players have to sign up and play in either the single player or multi-player Blackjack tournament, or play the Aladin’s Lamp, Buccaneer Bounty, or Reel in the Cash video slots in order to be eligible. The winner will be the person who makes the most money playing these games during one of four weeklong periods in November.

Kiwi has also just celebrated its one year anniversary, and the casino is extending the $50 + $50 bonus for another month. Players can also earn a $50 Ecash rewards when they spot the casino manager at the multi-player tables.

All of Jackpot Mania’s progressive jackpots, including Caribbean Poker and Rags to Riches, are available at Kiwi Casino. The Caribbean Poker jackpot is just about to top $225,000, so be sure to check it out.

Golden Riviera

Golden Riviera is offering some great incentives for new players. Download the casino and receive 5000 free loyalty points that can be redeemed for casino dollars or at …

poker pkv games online

The Poker Cynic

I knew it was a great opportunity, but I also knew it was a 5-1 shot. The only downside of my qualifying for the Ladbrokes Poker Million was that I had to play the heat on TV. Normally, if I am eliminated from a competition, I am allowed to slink away on my own to lick my wounds and convince myself I was unlucky. No such luxury is afforded the losers in televised single-table tournaments. And if I won, I wouldn’t need the TV coverage, as I would be telling everyone I know, anyway.


We crawled through the London rush-hour traffic at 2 miles per hour, knowing that five out of the six of us would be sacrificial lambs, and only one would enjoy the pleasure of winning. But for now, everyone had convinced themselves that the one winner would be them. Of course I’m going to win it! I win all of my 5-1 shots.


Our tacky but practical white stretch limo took an hour to cross London, and then we alighted in Isleworth. I just wanted to get on with it, but I knew there was a long time to go before any cards would be dealt. Pre-match interviews were first, then putting on a monitor for your heart rate, and finally, makeup. At least the buildup was finally reaching a conclusion after three months of anticipation, and the game was in sight. I was finding it difficult to treat it as another day at the office, which would have been the ideal mindset for the tournament. All of the razzmatazz was distracting, and served to remind me of the size of the game, which was far bigger than usual for me. I needed to ignore all of that if I was to play my best game and have a chance of winning.


As predicted, my fellow competitors seemed a tough bunch at the table, but I was still surprised to find that on the very first hand, my raise on the button was reraised by the small blind, with the big blind going all in behind him! These guys either ate too much red meat or both had a hand. The spectators in the green room knew the answer, as they could see the cards of both players on the under-table cameras. But I was in no doubt that they both had big hands. At a normal six-man table, live or online, both the reraises would have been suspect. But in this situation, with all the additional pressure, bluffing most or all of your stack on the very first hand would require a degree of fearlessness that is very rare even amongst experienced poker players.


As with most things, the buildup was much worse than the game itself. I agonized for weeks over strategy, worried unnecessarily about my opponents’ abilities, and was fearful of playing badly in front of the cameras. Once we got started, though, I went on automatic pilot and my …

Judi Online

Morocco out of Africa, no Barça for Pep & Blatter’s loose Judi Online tongue



Morocco’s national team has been banned from January’s 2015 African Nations Cup after their confederation withdrew last month from hosting the tournament in the light of the Ebola epidemic.


African Cup of Nations trophy

The African Confederation have punished one of the continent’s top sides for pulling out at such a late date, leaving the cup in chaos.


With only two months to go before the scheduled kick-off, CAF are urgently seeking a new host from the list of initial bidders Botswana, Cameroon, Congo DR, Guinea, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Egypt, Ghana and South Africa had said they are not interested in stepping in, which leaves slim pickings in terms of infrastructure. The new host was due to be announced at the finals draw, scheduled for the 26th of November, but Al-Jazeera TV has reported it will be revealed on Wednesday.


Only Algeria and Cape Verde have secured their qualification, with the remaining 14 teams decided on the 15th and 19th of this month.


Holders Nigeria are currently third in Group A, with their clash in Congo on the 15th key to making it through. Ivory Coast and six-times winner Egypt also sit third in their groups with only the first two guaranteed qualification.




Major League Judi Online has reached its semifinal stage with the Eastern Conference two-legged playoff to be contested by the New England Revolution and the New York Red Bulls. The Western Conference will be between LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders, with the grand final in either city, since those sides won more points in the regular season than both Eastern teams.


New York City FC and Orlando City – the new MLS teamsSeattle continue to boast the best attendances, with 38,912 watching their second-leg against Dallas on Monday night.


Chivas USA has now been disbanded and next season the league welcomes New York City FC and Orlando City SC, making 20 clubs.





Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola jetted back to Barcelona to vote in the unofficial Catalan independence vote on Sunday.


Pep Guardiola is proud to be CatalanPresumably the Barça icon, who turned out seven times for the Catalonia national team, was one of the 80% who voted yes, although the Spanish government have refused to recognise the vote.


Guardiola has spoken of his Catalan pride on many occasions. “Catalonia is my country,” he said earlier this year, “but it was an honour to play for Spain,”  referring to his 47 caps for La Roja.


Guardiola told reporters he might come back to live in the Catalan capital in the future because his wife works there, but it will not be as Barcelona boss.


“In life there are cycles,” he said, “and my cycle at Barça is over.”




Der Spiegel reported that FIFA President Sepp Blatter told a meeting of Norwegian football officials …

Judi Online Domino99

That Was The Year That Was meant Judi Online Domino99

2013 was one of those years between big tournaments with neither a World Cup, Copa America nor European Championship to savour.


That said we had the FIFA Confederations Cup which possibly saw the reign of Spain come to a crashing end as the World and European champions were thumped 3-0 by Brazil in the final in Rio.


Too much could be read into that match as the seleçao were always going to reap the advantage of the Maracana and the Confederations Cup anyway has nothing like the prestige of the longer-established trophies.


Maracana Stadium

As a guide to the World Judi Online Domino99 Cup next summer, the tournament was also of limited utility. In the previous edition in South Africa in 2009, Spain were dumped out 2-0 by the USA in the semi-finals before lifting the World Cup a year later, while Brazil won the last Confederations Cup thrillingly, only to exit without a bang in the quarter-finals in South Africa.


Before we write the obituaries for La Roja, it should be noted Spain’s Under 21 team cruised to victory in the UEFA 2013 championship, a sign the domestic skills factory is still turning out the talent. The core of Vicente del Bosque’s senior side is not getting any younger but they still ended 2013 atop the FIFA World Rankings, with Germany in second, Argentina third and Brazil in tenth.


Reports of Spain’s demise have thus been exaggerated, but it will be a challenge for anyone to beat the host nation next summer, as history favours a South American triumph.


Tiki-taka, the magical playing formula which has reigned supreme for the last five years, also took a battering in 2013. Not only did Brazil’s pace and power dispatch Spain in the Confederations Cup but Barcelona’s golden age was cut short in dramatic fashion.


Barça had already lost Champions League ties to Celtic and Milan before they came up against Bayern Munich in May’s semi-final. A shocking 4-0 defeat in Germany was followed by a devastating 3-0 loss at the Camp Nou, conclusive proof it seemed that there were new kids on the block with better and sharper ideas.


Bayern used elements of tiki-taka in their style, and were second to Barcelona across Europe for the number of passes played, but the addition of two world-class wingers in Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben forged a faster and more powerful game.


4-2-3-1 remained the most popular formation in world football, but 4-4-2 started to make a comeback in England later in the year as managers experimented with a more attacking style and banked on defenders who had forgotten how to play against twin strikers. Elsewhere, Nigeria won the African Nations Cup and the USA the Gold Cup, while Costa Rica, Japan and the United Arab Emirates came out winners in regional competitions.


Bayern Munich was undoubtedly the club of the year, bagging the Bundesliga while breaking a number of domestic records, winning …

Qiu Qiu Online

Slaven Bilic vows to keep coaching Qiu Qiu Online Croatia



The Croatian coach Slaven Bilic has said he will stay on the national team’s bench beyond the European Championship in spite of a sweet offer from Germany’s Hamburger SV.

Bilic announded his decision to stay at a press conference putting an end to speculations caused by the Croatian FA’s inertia. The FA inexplicably hesitated to renew the supremely popular coach’s contract after the momentous win at Qiu Qiu Online Wembley last November, fuelling the nation’s concern Bilic could accept a financially more profitable offer abroad.

“I’ll stay as Croatia’s coach. Salary doesn’t matter to me.

Let them give me a blank contract and I’m going to sign it,” said the former West Ham and Everton defender.

“I do want to work at a club, but it will not be before 2010,” added Bilic.

What the fans think of the Croatian FA’s slowness to tie the coach for at least two more years has been reflected in a poll conducted by Vecernji list daily. No less than 77% of the voters believe the FA’s president Vlatko Markovic should quit if Bilic goes.


Record ban for a Chilean coach


Marcelo Vega, former coach to the youth team of Chile’s Santiago Morning was hit by a record 50 game ban for assaulting a referee. The former international was found guilty by the FA for knocking out the ref at the game between his team and Universidad de Chile on March 8th.

This is the heaviest ban ever imposed in the history of Chilean soccer. The club’s vice president Luis Faundez called upon Vega to “leave the club in order not to cause more damage.”

The 37-year-old coach collected 30 caps and one goal for the national team between 1991 and 1998 playing as a midfielder.


Capello recalls Beckham for France friendly


David Beckham will finally get his chance of making his 100th appearance for England as Fabio Capello showed him mercy after several months of uncertainty. Capello, who was at odds with Becks during their spell at Real Madrid, had said he had left out the former captain for the Switzerland game due to his lack of fitness.

Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson has also won his return to the national side instead of the injured Scott Carson, Liverpool’s keeper on loan to Aston Villa. On the other hand, other two in-form Spurs’ players, Jermaine Jenas and Jermain Defoe, have been left out by the Italian coach, traditionally determined to keep the public guessing about his moves and motives.


Donadoni’s future at Italy uncertain


Roberto Donadoni has not reached a new deal with the Italian FA, whose leaders say they will not consider extending his contract before the end of the European championship.

“The issue will be dealt with when the current coach’s contract expires on July 18th,” said FA’s chairman Giancarlo Abate.

The man growing increasingly linked to the spot is Carlo Ancelotti, whose era at AC Milan is inexorably reaching its finale.

Ancelotti has …